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Like a family. Or close friends.

Jessica Meyer

  • Business economist (Bachelor of Arts)
  • Controlling & Accounting
  • With Felix Schoeller since 2009
  • Headquarter Osnabrück

"The team spirit among colleagues is simply unique," Jessica Meyer is sure. Not only in her department in Controlling & Accounting, but also in all other areas. Everyone stands up for each other and together we get all problems out of the way. In 2009, Jessica began her career at the Felix Schoeller Group with a dual course of study in business administration - the theoretical part at the University of Applied Sciences in Lingen and the practical part at the headquarters of the globally active family business in Osnabrück.

After her dual studies, the business economist, who earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in business administration, worked in Customer Service for just under a year before moving on to Controlling. Here she worked in a wide variety of areas - from sales controlling, costing, financial accounting to management reporting - and today works predominantly in budget controlling.

It never gets old and boring. There are always new challenges in everyday business and also through various projects there are always new tasks.

Through her responsibility in budget controlling, she is in contact with many areas and departments in the plants and in the central divisions as well as in the foreign locations. This is what she likes about her work. It never gets boring. And there are always new challenges and tasks in everyday life and through various projects in which she is also involved. Her work is demanding and her goals are ambitious, but as a passionate and ambitious weightlifter she knows how to deal with challenges and achieve her goals.  What is important to her is that she is relatively free to shape the path to the solution of the tasks within set framework conditions and can and should make decisions.

Frau sitzt am PC

I took a year off, quit for a year and went abroad, to Australia, travelled there, worked there.

Jessica Meyer

Controlling & Accounting

Jessica had taken time off and quit for a year. She was travelling abroad, in Australia, travelling and working there. When she came back to Osnabrück she gladly took the opportunity and started working here in the company again. With this decision she did not have to think long. Her satisfaction was already very high beforehand and she felt a close bond with Felix Schoeller as an employer and her colleagues. Yes, maybe just like family. Or close friends.