Rotes geschwungenes Hintergrundbild

My great-grandfather used to work here.

Sebastian Spreer

  • Industrial mechanic for maintenance
  • Mechanical workshop
  • With Felix Schoeller since 2000
  • Site Weissenborn


For Felix Schoeller it is not unusual for people from one family - brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts, fathers and mothers or cousins and cousins - to work for us. However, Sebastian Spreer is already working for us in the 4th generation. "My great-grandfather worked here as a carpenter, my grandmother worked here in the coffee kitchen and my parents were both here," says the trained industrial mechanic for maintenance. Directly after graduating from school in 2000, he started his apprenticeship with us at the Weissenborn site. Felix Schoeller is a company with a long tradition and he himself lives tradition, which, along with the proximity of his home town and his good earnings, was the decisive reason for his decision to work for Felix Schoeller. It seems that the three generations of his family before him have nothing but positive things to report.

Sebastian knows how to avoid downtime and the resulting loss of personnel and ultimately sales. On his many inspections of the machines in paper production and finishing, he has everything in view and is able to locate defects or damaged areas as quickly as possible and, if necessary, repair them. What he likes about his work is that he gets around a lot in the company and has to deal with many colleagues from the most diverse areas. What he particularly likes about his work is that it is always easy to get into conversation "when you meet each other at the machine. We can laugh together, we make our jokes together, we also stand together, collegially, amicably".

Feuerwehrmann vor Feuerwehrwagen

I am responsible for the lubrication, so that in the end everything runs smoothly.

Sebastian Spreer


Felix Schoeller has a great affinity for his staff and I think that's great.

His wish was always to join a large company that is future-oriented with a high level of security for his own employment and that of all colleagues. But beyond that, he also feels that his employer has a lot to offer his employees and adds to the many employee benefits such as health management, sports activities, JobRad with subsidies for up to two bikes per employee, company pension scheme and also the free water that is available to all employees in all areas and locations. Sebastian Spreer has also been active in the plant fire brigade for over 20 years. Here, too, he praises his employer's commitment to the fire brigade, who always has an open ear for their concerns, and also strengthens their comrades, especially at times of day when many local fire brigades are not quite as strong in their commitment. "We are released from our duties and can strengthen the local fire brigades, including those from neighbouring towns and cities, if the event makes it necessary. And we have always been very grateful to the group and site management for their support."