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How a wheat beer led to an apprenticeship as a paper technologist.

Tobias Weger

  • Paper Technologist
  • Paper machine 14
  • With Felix Schoeller since 2017
  • Site Günzach


Like many young people, Tobias Weger was also faced with the challenge of deciding which path he would like to take professionally for his future. Over an evening of wheat beer, his neighbour then introduced him to the training of paper technologists and the job advertised with the Felix Schoeller Group at the Günzach plant in the beautiful Allgäu region.

The fact that the neighbour works at the same plant shows that the application was not just a case of being in the mood for beer. After all, he knew what he was recommending to the young man there.

No sooner said than done, Tobias was able to assert himself among all applicants and completed the 3-year training course, which he successfully completed. He was then taken on in a permanent position - just like all the other paper technologist trainees at the Felix Schoeller Group who performed well. Today, he works on paper machine 14, a special machine geared to specialities and equipped with a number of special aggregates.

As a first assistant you are the secretary of the paper machine, so to speak.

Tobias' tasks include calculating the jobs, i.e. how the individual jobs can best be run one after the other, as well as many quality controls of the paper he produces. He wants to and can identify with this paper, as he says: "... because paper is a very beautiful product, especially in a sustainable way.

What the young paper technologist likes most about his job is the great diversity between the various tasks and areas of responsibility. He would not want to do without his good earnings and he also likes shift work. However, getting up early for the early shift is probably not so easy for him, but the good collegial atmosphere and the cohesion of his colleagues mean that he likes to come to work so early in the morning himself.

Produktionsmitarbeiter steht an Papiermaschine

Especially the great atmosphere with the colleagues makes getting up for the early shift more bearable, if you know that you get to work and will have fun.

Tobias Weger

Paper machine 14 in Günzach

What Tobias likes about his employer is the family atmosphere and the supposed little things that make his workday easier. For example, the bachelor is happy about the company canteen, where he can get a good snack or lunch. And since the temperatures at a paper machine are anything but arctic, he is also happy about the free drinking water that his employer provides him with. What he particularly likes, however, is that there is not a huge mountain of laundry and thus further work waiting for him at home, because he does not have to take his work clothes - which are also provided free of charge - home with him to wash. This is done by the laundry service in the factory and Tobias has more time for private things after work. For example for a wheat beer with the neighbour.