We are a family business.

Today and for the next generations.

We are a family business.

Vision 2030 is a compass for what we do and how we do it. I think it is important for us all to know what it is about. That way, we can reflect on it again and again in our everyday work and shape our efforts around this vision. Everyone may, can and should contribute to making the vision a success. Each flick of the wrist, every new idea, every little suggestion is valuable.
Hans-Christoph Gallenkamp

CEO/CSO of Felix Schoeller Group

Fascination of paper

Specialty paper manufacturer with passion

Paper is more to us than just a raw material - it is our passion. A passion that is shared by more than 3,700 employees at 19 locations in 11 countries. We develop, produce and market specialty papers for photographic applications, for digital printing systems, for the packaging market, for self-adhesive applications and for the furniture, wood-based panel and wallpaper industries. Opening up new markets with production, supply and service locally in the region is an important success factor for us. This enables us to react quickly, flexibly and creatively to market and customer requirements at all times. 

Our contribution to our customers

Our mission

We are papermakers and refiners of web-shaped materials and use modern technology to produce high-quality, functional surfaces.

  • We understand the needs of our customers and the requirements of their applications and implement them in our products and services.
  • Each of our products is for its application the best solution for the customer.
  • Our products serve our customers as a basis for the greatest possible creativity and freedom in designingthe respective function.

That is what we stand for

Our guiding principles

„We value our customers“

For our customers we are a predictable and reliable partner: we do what we say, and we say what we do.
„We live our values respect and honesty“We respect and value one another, and can rely on each other.
„We welcome new ideas“New challenges inspire us. Our daily work in the company is shaped by our curiosity. We see new challenges as an opportunity to guarantee the future of the business.
„We focus on sustainable development“Long-term success is more important to us than short-term profit maximisation.