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Certificates - ISO 50001

ISO 50001 Our energy management pursues the goal of improving energy-related performance and reducing energy costs continuously and sustainably. For this we are certified according to ISO 50001. …


New management at Technocell Dekor Frank Meyer-Niehoff hands over responsibility for decor business EMEA to Tim Gutendorf

There will be a change in the management of the Felix Schoeller Group's Technocell Dekor segment on December 1, 2021. After holding various positions in the family-owned company and four years in…


Solutions Workshop - Would you like to boost your business?

Would you like to boost your business? Please feel free to register for our Solutions Workshop without obligation. We will send you the latest dates by e-mail. Register now


Level 25 - Are there exciting Level 25 colours for you?

Are there exciting Level 25 colours for you? Are you interested in colour samples or would you like to receive our sample fan? Then contact us here: YOUR REQUEST


Technocell Dekor - Price increases effective December 1, 2021

Due to a further increase in the price of our main raw material titanium dioxide as well as currency-related increases in the price of pulp, we will unfortunately have to raise our sales prices by…


FlexPaper - The safe and flexible paper laminate

The safe and flexible paper laminate Paper laminates, manufactured with multilayer co-extrusion or with extrusion lamination Individually adjustable barrier properties, seal strength and…


FlexPaper - FlexPaper pure

FlexPaper pure with a paper share of 95% of the pack


FlexPaper - FlexPaper barrier & seal

FlexPaper barrier & seal Barrier and sealing paper laminates